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Under the Bodhi Tree

Ajahn Buddhadāsa made the Lion's Roar against Theravada and most of Buddhist orthodoxy that Dependent Origination taught over 3 lifetimes is impractical and non-sensical to the Buddha's constant emphasis on good practice and nirvana in this lifetime. In this book, Ajahn Buddhadāsa connects this assertion with his teaching of mindfulness meditation making the PRACTICE, not the theory, of Dependent Origination, and the rooting out of the three poisons and ignorance part of a practical daily Buddhist practice. Thanks for your enduring efforts Santikaro to edit this series of talks. We await further gems from Tan Ajahn's storehouse of dhamma.

(Jonathan Watts: Executive Board, International Network of Engaged Buddhists)

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Under the Bodhi Tree: Buddha’s Original Vision of Dependent Co-arising by Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu.
Translated from the Thai, edited, and introduced by Santikaro.
Published by Wisdom Publications, Boston.