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Tan Ajahn

The Tonic of the Noble Ones

This tonic is formulated from 7 medicines:

  1. Add one measure of the bark of "don't know nothing."
  2. Add one measure of the heartwood of "the heck with it."
  3. Add one measure of the root of "that's just how it is."
  4. Add one measure of the leaves of "without any 'me' or 'mine'."
  5. Add one measure of the flowers of "nothing worth being or having."
  6. Add one measure of the fruit of "die before dying."

    Equal measures of these six makes a total of six measures together.

  7. Add the seed of "remainderless quenching" equal to the rest (six measures).

Bless these medicines with 108 repetitions of the mantra sabbe dhamma nalam abhinivesaya*.

Place them all in a ceramic boiling pot and cover with water. Boil the liquid down to a third.

Drink three times a day. Don't forget! One teaspoon each time is enough. You'll be cleared of the disease most terrifying for us.

If you aren't cured in a month, continue taking for a year. If you aren't cured after a year, you're crazy and can stop taking it.

* Nothing is worth clinging to.

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