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The A, B, C of Buddhism

“Friends! I know that you are interested in studying and seeking the Buddhist way of giving up all the problems of life, which may be summed up as the problems of birth, decay, disease and death.

I would like to help you to understand this topic, as well as I can. But I must tell you in advance that my knowledge of English is not complete. It is childish English that is self-taught and self-learned. Thus, you must think carefully; try to understand and know what I mean to say. Since we cannot have a classroom lecture, my talk today must be more like a private conversation.

You have heard that the Lord Buddha, in his enlightenment, discovered the Dhamma... I would like to talk about that Dhamma, that which the Buddha discovered at his enlightenment. That Dhamma may be called the ‘law of idappaccayatā.’ It is the law of nature or the natural law of cause and effect...”


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Series: Echoes from the Garden of Liberation

Transcriber: Stephen Schmidt

INSB: 978-616-7574-85-1

Publication Date:

Pages: 23

Publisher(s): Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives

Language(s): English