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The World of Metteyya Is at the Tip of Our Nose

We can create the world of Metteyya together by feeling love for one another. If everyone in the world at this time could feel love for everyone else this world would, in the blinking of an eye, or in the time it takes to throw a switch, become the world of Metteyya. So, is this right at the tip of our noses? Think about it. It is something we can do, something that, if we’re going to do it, will be done in the way explained. Whether we do or don’t do anything is for us to decide. But the truth is that the world of Metteyya is right at the tip of our nose, it’s that close, but we, generally, won’t do anything about it. Hence, if we want this world to become the world of Metteyya we need to help it happen by making love for others arise, that’s all, then such a world will, step by step, appear, and in not too long a time love for others will cover the world...

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Series: Those Important Things We Tend to Overlook

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Publisher(s): Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives

Language(s): English