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Loving Others

“Good people, all those interested in the Dhamma, today’s lecture delivered during the Visākha Pūjā season is the fifth of the series devoted to those ‘important things that we tend to overlook.’ Today’s important thing that we tend to overlook takes the heading of ‘Loving Others,’ something we, all of us, are guilty of not doing. At this time, we’ll look particularly at this subject because it’s at the heart of every religion, and we want to consider it in some detail.  Observe carefully and you’ll see that this is something grievously ignored. Missing things which have value means that we don’t get any benefit from them. When we overlook important things, we lose out, so pay attention. Loving others – how, in what ways have we overlooked this? I’ll point them out one by one...”

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Series: Those Important Things We Tend to Overlook

Publisher(s): Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives

Language(s): English