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Happiness & Hunger

The Dhamma can appear complex and difficult when we over-think it. Insight, however, penetrates to a clarity and simplicity deeper than mere thinking. Here, Venerable Ajahn Buddhadāsa does just that with an incisive examination of happiness as it relates to hunger. As always, he cuts to the heart of the matter and does not settle for comforting consolations. Rather, he challenges us to examine assumptions and to question our usual ego beliefs. In a world that feeds on our hunger and suffering, he asks if we truly wish to be happy. Is this aspiration strong enough for us to stop settling for bogus goods? This talk was originally given during an international retreat at Suan Mokkh and has appeared in various forms...

(Introduction by the translator)

Translated from the Thai by Santikaro. E-published by Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives in collaboration with Liberation Park.

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Publisher(s): Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives

Language(s): English