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May We Leave This Legacy With You (Section I)

“I have no inheritance to leave behind for Buddhist friends, my comrades in birth, aging, illness, and death, except for what is spelled out in the following statements. My hope is that for however long these legacies are passed along the activity of Suan Mokkhabalarama will continue and ‘Buddhadasa’ will remain in that place for that long. Please receive these legacies in your contemplation from this very moment which will create ease in passing them further along. May you accept them as a Dhamma inheritance for all Dhamma Comrades who have offered body and life in service to the Buddha’s Dispensation for the benefit of human beings throughout the world without the least personal consideration.”

(Foreword by the author)

May We Leave This Legacy with You: Legacies in the context of material & ceremonial matters. Translated from the Thai by Santikaro. New edition (text & photos) e-published by Liberation Park & Buddhadāsa Indapañño Archives, 2017.

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