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The Liberating Teachings of Buddhadasa on Suchness

The teachings in this notebook date from 1971. They are handwritten notes of the Dharma offered orally and in writing by Ajahn Buddhadasa. I lived there as a forest monk, and was drawn to Buddhadasa as Dharma revolutionary, a respected friend of Ajahn Chah, and inspiration to a whole generation.

In teachings and form, Buddhadasa stepped beyond the popular forms of Thai Buddhism and offered its pith and essence. Whether in the description of Everyday Nirvana, in the language of non-selfishness instead of non self, in teachings on the void and the turning from modern Buddha Images to the simplicity of a circle of stones in the forest under the trees, Buddhadasa offered pure and powerful Dharma to all who would listen.

May these words from a half century ago carry some of his liberating spirit.

(Preface by Jack Kornfield, 2017)

The Liberating Teachings of Buddhadasa on Suchness as recorded by Santidhammo Bhikkhu aka Jack Kornfield. E-published by Buddhadāsa Indapañño Archives, 2017.

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