Suanmokkh c06728

A Real Blessing That Works

May the Virtues of the Buddha
The highest refuge without doubt
Protect all of you dedicated
To practicing the true path devoutly.

May the Virtues of the Dhamma
Which overcomes dukkha 
Protect all of you determined
To practice in line with the Dhamma.

May the Virtues of the Sangha
That walks the path beautifully
Protect all of you aiming
To follow the path securely and true.



Unselfishness showers others with good fruits, 
With inner freedom one always gives easily, 
Before long, the world fills with true friends, 
A world of overflowing riches and pervasive kindness.

Without selfishness, loving kindness emerges naturally 
— Naturally considerate, naturally applying Dhamma in all actions, 
No chance of killing, of stealing, of sexually abusing, 
Not deceiving anyone and not drunk in the least way.

Without selfishness there’s no self to grasp, which 
Ends the source of all the afflictive emotions, thus 
Incapable of greed, hatred, and delusion, maintaining 
Mind-body clean, clear, and calm, approaching Nibbana. 


Religious Matters

Brother, what sort of religion do you teach?
Who told you that I've got religion?

Brother, you teach us just like a prophet?
That's what you say, you lousy gangster!

The words
No Religion confuse me!
Just study the law of nature, that's enough!

But isn't that religion, or what is it?
Just see nature and it takes care of the rest!

What's the reason, then, for not calling it religion?
It's only ordinariness, naturally, nothing more!

Where, then, is religion?
Gangs of noisy authorities stuffing people's heads!


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